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Engage, Enjoy and Experience a Group of Like-Minded Individuals!

Only $20 a month for:

  • Information to assist with your business on a monthly basis.
  • Classes are available on this website ONLY to group members at discounted rates.
  • Monthly conference calls with Toni and members throughout the U.S. and abroad.

No Contracts! No Obligations! No Refunds! No Exchanges!

To join the Toni Love Group, the membership fee is only $20.00 a month or $240 for the year. The fee will automatically and securely bill to your debit/credit card. We have 2 billing options: MONTHLY and YEARLY. With monthly billing, $20 a month will automatically be deducted from your credit/debit card. With our yearly billing, at registration, your credit/debit card will be charged a “one time” yearly fee of $240.

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No Refunds/No Exchanges:
No exchanges or refunds on classes, products, memberships, and/or consulting services; whether paid online, on site, or via telephone. If membership is cancelled, payments already made will not be refunded, however no further payments will be taken from your account after cancellation.

All group members, prospective students, program attendees and customers agree not to dispute any billed charges for classes, seminars, conferences, products, memberships and/or services with your bank and/or credit card company, Paypal, or any other payment merchant.

*It is YOUR responsibility to contact PayPal and/or payment merchants to inform them of credit/debit card changes. By proceeding with my registration, I am confirming I have read and understand the No Refunds/No Exchanges policy above and agree to it. There will be an additional fee of $20 to make changes to your account, such as: forgotten passwords, payment card changes, etc.

Please Note: You can become a member of the Toni Love Group even if you have never attended any of Toni's classes. WELCOME to the Toni Love Family! The information may change throughout the month. New information will be added at different times, therefore, visit the group regularly to stay informed! And, be sure to tell your friends and have them list you as a referral – you may get a surprise!

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us: [email protected]

To update the card on file:

For group members to update their credit card on file they will need to first log into their account on the site.
  • After logging in, click on the Customer Avatar in the top right corner of the page.
  • Then, select Settings from the dropdown.
  • Click Billing Info in the top right corner of the page.
  • Click Update next to the currently listed credit card.
  • Complete the prompt to enter the updated card information.
  • Then, click Update Card to apply and keep the changes 

If your card is declined when trying to join, please check the details you are entering for your card or try a different card. If the problem persists, please contact your card company.